How to resolve a library class that is causing namespace conflict?


I need to use TweetSharp2.3 for the API1.1. I use 2 dlls in the project TweetSharp.dll and TweetSharp.Twitter.dll I have to use both of them, and I have having a problem with a class : TwitterClientInfo

TwitterClientInfo is from both TweetSharp.dll and TweetSharp.Twitter.dll

both DLLs put TwitterClientInfo under the same namespace “TweetSharp”

how do I resolve this conflict then? Please advise. Thanks

Error 1 The type ‘TweetSharp.TwitterClientInfo’ exists in both ‘d:\dev\marilyn\src\packages\TweetSharp.2.3.0\lib\4.0\TweetSharp.dll’ and ‘d:\dev\marilyn\lib\TweetSharp-1.0.0\TweetSharp.Twitter.dll’ D:\dev\marilyn\src\Core\Providers\Impl\TwitterStatusProvider.cs 22 17 Core