How to remove my profile picture from my twitter html widget for my website? and just have txt only?



Ive added the twitter widget to my HTML on my website site, but would like to make a few changes to it.

I want to Remove my Avatar (profile pic) from my twitter but were in the Code do I change this? or what do I put in the Code? been trying for two days and cant figure it out at all. Here is my twitter code:

AndOr a Twitter badge which I like, but I dont understand what he means… I like this also but again not sure how to make the Changes to the Code. All I want to do is, Change the Color to peach and get rid of the ugly twitter Logo (Header). and put my username instead of his @heartsndiamond0

Really need help regarding both as I want to do this b4 xmas, would it be possible if u could just paste the code to me in Lamens terms sorry hear it is very easy but im not getting it at all.

Here is the info he gave:

Anyways, I know you want the code for my original twitter badge so here you go:

But before I give you the code, I ask only one thing; you MUST leave the comment in where it says that I made the Twitter Badge. Therefore, I’ll get the credit. Thanks.

Finally, here is the code for my twitter badge:

Twitter Logo
follow me on Twitter

NOTE: You’re going to have to change a few links at the beginning of the code so that they link to your page (i.e. and title=“YourName’s Twitter”).


I think this might help more-
setProfileImage: function(w) {
this._profileImage = w;
this.byClass(“twtr-profile-img-anchor”, “a”).href = “” + this.username;
this.byClass(“twtr-profile-img-anchor”, “a”).innerHTML = "Your user name ";
return this


please do follow ok

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