How to redirect to a user profile with its user_id


Until a few days ago, this would work to go to my profile.

This URL now returns a 404, is there a new way to link to a Twitter profile without fetching the screen_name from the API ?



Interesting, I wasn’t aware of this change. I’ll look into whether something has been modified on our side. Thanks for the report!


One alternative is to use the user intent. This was designed to fit the needs for linking user profiles from external websites and it supports user id as a parameter. Check out user intent


The user intent works of course, but it doesn’t do what redirect_by_id did: I would like to be able to add a link to a twitter profile directly


I also have this issue and the user intent mentioned is not equivalent to the full profile that redirect_by_id provided. Is this going to be added back?


We are looking into this internally. Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks, @andypiper. We’ve seen this with our apps so keen to know if this is permanent or not…


Hi everyone.

This endpoint was never a part of our documented API, and was in fact recently removed as part of some internal cleanup.

Of course we recognise that a number of you were using this method of redirect in your apps, and this leads to an unfortunate situation where you’re now finding that the calls no longer work. For those of you who did previously make use of this redirect, we suggest that the follow user intent part of Twitter for Websites is a supported alternative way of getting to a user profile based on user_id.