How to recover missing data from Account Activity API



Is there any option available to retrieve real-time data which are missed in account activity api through an enterprise plan. I can retrieve Tweets, Retweets, Quote Tweets, Mentions, DM, and Replies using separate endpoints. How to retrieve likes and follows?


Hey @amsa - have you checked out the PowerTrack API?


Hi @Hamza

I can’t find anything related to “like” event in PowerTrack API. I want to get the list of users whoever liked my tweet as like as “favorite_events” in account activity API.


@Amsa, you should be able to receive those events through the AAA:

  • Likes (by user or of user)
  • Follows (by user or of user)

Are you saying that this isn’t coming through for you?


I can able to get those events through Account Activity API. I just wanted to know is there any option available to recover those data if the twitter handle is unsubscribed from AAA or the server is down. I know that there is a concept called retry. What if I missed that too? Will you provide API endpoints to get those events(likes and follows) for an enterprise account?


@Hamza any update on this?


I have the same problem, and cant find a solution.


We have separate REST API endpoints that allow you to view Favorite / Following JSON data, if you miss them for whatever reason with the Account Activity API. They are documented on DTC.

However, I’m not sure if they’ll be effective as they aren’t streaming APIs like the AAAPI.


We have the following endpoints that provide data on favorites and followers:

Do you have any specific activities that you’d like to recover or other questions related to the Account Activity APIs retry?

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