How to receive all Tweets of someones Timeline?



I am new here and i try to play with the API. What i want to build is a website where i can “analyze” the information from a users timeline.

The Problem is that if i start the API-call i’ll just receive Tweets from [24. Feb] - [now]. So there are just ~48 Tweets i receive. I even tried to use “&count=1000” to get some more Tweets, but nope.

Are there any limitations or problems with that idea? I want to parse a single time all tweets to save them in my Database.

I am using: ""
with “?screen_name=$user&include_rts=false&exclude_replies=true&count=1000”

hope you guys can help me.


This sounds correct. You’ll get a maximum of 3,200 Tweets from this endpoint, up to about a week in age, and the max value you can provide to count is 200. Are you paging? Also note that include_rts=false will still count towards the overall number of Tweets you’re able to retrieve, even if they are stripped out from the response. If there are no more than 48 organic Tweets within that period then you’re unlikely to be able to retrieve more.