How to re-submit when it is not in whitelist?


I submitted my twitter card, but then I’ve received an email with an issue and the text: “Once these issues have been resolved, please resubmit your Player Card to our validator”. I’ve resolved the issue and now when I paste my website url in Card Validator it writes: “* whitelist request rejected” and no button or link to re-submit! So how can I re-submit my website?


Oh, that’s awkward! sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the report. I’ll ask the Cards team to look at this for you asap.


Thank you! Any results?


We are having exactly same issue. There is no submit button for approval. Tried different browsers, different account but there is no request approval button anymore.

I have described issue here: Request Approval button doesn't appear anymore

This is what twitter returns in response of validator:


We got the same response of first request for approval there was an issue with autoplay and now we can’t apply.



I have the same problem.
@andypiper, thank you for your help on this. Do you know when it will be fixed?


That bug is fixed, you will be able to submit your card.