How to quote some text with a retweet?




I want to quote some text along with retweeting a tweet. I looked at the api corresponding to that ( It enables us to pass just the tweet id (which we want to retweet). There isn’t an option of appending any text to that tweet.

Is there any other way to accompalish this task?
Using user interface of twitter, we can accompalish this.


A quote tweet is just an ordinary tweet with a permalink to another tweet at the end. So a call to with the text:

This is a quote tweet

Will quote the tweet 740196895784570880 with your comment


Thanks for your reply Igor. I tried it and it is working as expected.

I just want to clarify one more thing. When we append the link of parent tweet while retweeting, it (link of parent tweet) won’t be accounted in 140 chars of tweet once twitter introduces the char count changes on 24th july.


As far as i can tell, according to you’ll need to specify the tweet permalink url in attachment_url parameter, then it won’t count. But if you append the url to the end of the text, like above it will count towards 140 characters.