How to quickly determine if a user follows me?


This is something that the website does: If I’m logged in and view somebody’s profile, and that person follows me, I’ll see this:

    <span class="follow-status">follows you</span>

However, I can’t find a way to accomplish this through the API (short of iterating over the cursor of the user’s following checking for my ID, which can take forever for users with tons of followings). Is there any convenient method that I’m missing, or is the site doing something that’s fundamentally undoable from the API?


I know this post is a bit old, but if you haven’t found the solution yet (and for anyone else stumbling on this question), check out the following API call:

GET friendships/lookup

It takes the current logged in user and checks the friendship status of it against a list of Twitter user ids or screen names that you provide (a list of up to 100) and returns the status of each of them. Should save you from iterating over the entire follow list!


How does this work?


If you need it realtime, then you should use streaming API.