How to qualify for more than 100K user tokens?



I would like to know, what the exact process is to qualify for more than 100K user tokens.

Do I have to have “only” an very special, outstanding app, or do I have to do contact the sales department
to setup a contract?

Thank you guys.



If your application is a Twitter Client (an app that attempts to replicate Twitter’s core user experience), you will need to contact Platform Operations and potentially obtain approval to exceed 100,000 user tokens.

If your application is not a Twitter Client, then the 100,000 user token limit is likely not applicable to your application. In this case, if you intend to go beyond 1,000,000 user tokens, you’ll need to contact Twitter. It’s likely at those levels you would already be talking to Twitter.

Right now, no matter the situation you think you fall into, the best way to get in contact with Platform Operations/API policy is through


Hi Taylor, thank you for answering this question so briefly.

Because many Twitter developer’s (including myself) and I don’t mean the big players - are really interested in this question and feel insecure about how to design everything in the right way and how to get in touch with you regarding this subject.

I will contact Platform Operations via the link you suggested.