How to pull user followers?



I am pulling the profiles via endpoint, but the response does not have any analytics data.

Now I have the account name and the account id for ads purposes, which does not help to get the followers or any analytic data in account level.

Could you help me to get the followers of the account using one of these dimensions (account name/id)? or there is another endpoint/way to get it?


Hi @DatoramaIkon! This is not related to the Ads API. I think this is what you need:


Hi @majoritasdev, I just want to get the count of the followers nothing more.

And to use the endpoint which you referred to, I need the screen_name or the user_id which I don’t have.

Do know of an endpoint that provides the followers count except users/show, users/lookup and users/search?
Or to get the the screen_name or the user_id by account name/id?


There is no direct way to pull this, you can use the Show User endpoint with the user_id that can be pulled through Scoped Timeline endpoint with params count=1&trim_user=true&scoped_to=followers