How to publish tweet with a mix of RTL and LTR text?



If I send to “/statuses/update” endpoint something like “helloWorld هذا هو اختبار”, the resulting tweet will be “هذا هو اختبار helloWorld”. How to send a tweet message, which contains Arabic and English words, and avoid switching words in a result?


I’m not aware that this is possible. Does the same thing happen if you generate the Tweet via the Twitter mobile app or website, or is this behaviour only seen via the API endpoint?


Our customer copy-pastes text to textarea on our website, then we are sending that text to Twitter API endpoint, and words are switched. I’m trying to figure out, where the problem is. Our UI may send some markers incorrectly, but I can’t find, what is expected. Is there any documentation?


There is documentation on statuses/update yes, but it does not cover this topic. I’m trying to understand whether if the customer / user was to post the same text via the official Twitter app, the Tweet text appears as expected?


There is a screenshot, to be more specific. In all 3 tweets Arabic text is intended to be to the right of English text. The first 2 test tweets are from our application. In both words are switched, but text correctly aligned to the right. The third is from Twitter app, words are in order, but text is aligned to the left. If I post such a tweet from Twitter website, both words order and text aligning are correct.


Thanks, that gives me more to go on in order to investigate this further - bear with us please.


Any progress on being able to include RTL/LTR formatting control characters in a tweet? I have been search for references, but just finding anything more.