How to Properly Process People Who Opt In for a *Delayed* Notification



We’re building a bot for a client and they’ve requested the following:

They want us to setup a quick reply button that says:

“Notify me when the newest product is announced”.

The current plan is that users would normally be opting into this about a week or so before the product is actually released/a DM message is desired to be sent.

The new DM endpoint says there are no limits on sending DMs as long as the user has messaged you within 24 hours of you sending the DM to them. We’re looking at about a week.

We definitely don’t wanna cripple the bot by accidentally going over the DM limit.

Is there anyway we can do this? (The client is insisting)



There’s no mechanism that would guarantee success here, but unless you’re looking at a very large volume of these users you should (!) be OK to follow up around a week later. The adaptive rate limit wouldn’t apply on that first DM of the follow-up so all of those messages you send would got against your overall quota, so yes there’s a risk you might hit a limit.

Direct Messaging API policy and limits

Sounds good @andypiper.

We’re happy to work with Twitter on working within the limits:

But to do that we need to know the limits themselves.
Can you detail me what the limits for DMing outside of the adaptive rate is? Would hitting the non adaptive rate limit prevent us from sending DMs under the adaptive rate?

Do the non adaptive limits change for verified accounts? Most of our clients are verified.


Looks like Twitter doesn’t want to tell us the rate limit for sending direct messages?

Here’s what comes back in the headers for direct_messages/events/new


Hey. The account limit for sending Direct Messages for most accounts is here

The values for brand and verified accounts are not publicly posted but in the absolute majority of cases i would not expect brand accounts to have issues.


Thanks for the update.
We’ll pray that our non verified accounts are verified soon!