How to prevent users from breaking Twitter's policies using our app?


Our social media management app was temporarily blocked by Twitter and from a search online it seems like it was due to spamming. Even though the block was lifted, we want to make sure that this won’t happen again as it will affect thousands of our users.

In the Twitter API policy form we asked for more info on why that happened (i.e. specific abusive users since the content that gets posted is always user-generated), but in return got (I believe) an automated email with links to Twitter’s policies. While we’re more than happy to implement an anti-spam system, we don’t know where to begin.

We have a daily post limit in place and don’t allow users to post the same content to multiple Twitter accounts at once, but I guess this wasn’t enough.

Wouldn’t it be easier if Twitter told us that X Twitter account is breaking Twitter’s policies while using our app? We could simply ban them from using our platform, instead of figuring out who’s breaking Twitter’s policies and then ban them.


Please refer to this post: