How to post update with LinqToTwitter API



I am trying to understand how to post an status update with LinkToTwitter 2.7.1
My attempt is like below. But there is no property found for .UpdateStatus. I also need to use 2.7.1 as I have framework 4.0. The latest release use framework 4.5 which is not possible for me to use.

            var auth = new LinqToTwitter.SingleUserAuthorizer
                Credentials = new LinqToTwitter.SingleUserInMemoryCredentials
                    ConsumerKey = "abc",
                    ConsumerSecret = "abc",
                    TwitterAccessToken = "324234234-abc",
                    TwitterAccessTokenSecret = "abc"

            var twitterCtx = new LinqToTwitter.TwitterContext(auth);

            twitterCtx.UpdateStatus = "Hello World";       (.UpdateStatus is not found but only .Status is found)


To mention, this is the file I have downloaded. I am using the “net40-client”, LinqToTwitterCP.dll