How To Post Tweet from Unity App without App Card



I just downloaded the Fabric Unity Plugin, and have gone through setup, and want to post a Tweet with an image. But Twitter.Compose() seems to require an App Card be supplied, but I don’t want to post an App Card. Is there anyway to do this at the present time?



Hi @cvz_james,

Thanks for the feedback. App cards provide a great value to your game because it’s essentially free link to promote install of your app whereas an image is just visuals. App cards, by requiring a user content image, still showcases the great scenes from your game. Can you elaborate more on the particular reasons why you prefer an image over the app card?



In my Unity app I need to post a tweet with just text (and a link) an not an app card. Do you see ?

thank you.


So is this possible? The card thing is “beta” and not available to the public… so the package is pretty much useless since posting doesn’t work.


@_cowbeans You can apply to be a part of the Beta for App cards - please sign up at


It doesn’t seem like this question has been properly answered. Why is there no way to post either text, image, or both with the Fabric Twitter Unity SDK, while you can do this in the Fabric Twitter iOS SDK for example using the TWTRComposer class to addText(), addImage()?

If the goal is to move everyone using Unity to posting cards, why is there no option to post text along with the card. I’m interested in posting text that describes what the user did, such as “I scored 45,000 points on level 25 in #hashtag.” as well as a screenshot from this level. If I only post a screenshot from the game then the tweet has little meaning, is confusing, and looks more like spam than a brag or statement of success.