How to post a video?




I’ve been searching for days now, but I still can’t find out how certain users can post full videos on Twitter.

I know that you can post short videos with Vine. But how does this work?

Sorry if this question is not posted in the right place - I couldn’t find another spot.

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Hey Simon

There are basically three methods for getting videos into Tweets right now.

  1. Vines will show up, as you mentioned. Right now there is no API for Vine beyond the ability to embed Vine videos in web pages, so you need to use the native Vine apps to create these and Tweet them out.

  2. The native iOS and Android Twitter apps support the creation and upload of videos within the camera portion of the app. There is currently no public video upload API.

  3. The Twitter Ads platform enables videos to be attached to promoted Tweets. This is the case in many of the branded examples such at the one you’ve found here. Verified users also have the ability to use the Twitter Amplify program to add video (related).

So at the moment this isn’t an API question as such, but you may find this response useful in terms of understanding the options.


There is no direct API access, but here is one more option to do this programmatically via the REST API.

You can host the video within your own web application and generate html pages for each video that contain Player Card meta tags. When you post the video page URLs to Twitter (via the API or other means), a video player will render in the Tweet details view. The player does not render in the timeline.


You mean it’s not possible to post a video to twitter from an iOS app ? I mean seriously ?


This was posted over a year ago, and things have changed.

You can use the REST Media upload API to upload video. We now have a dedicated Media APIs category in these forums so I’m moving this post over there. You should be able to find examples of folks who have done this. I don’t believe Fabric (our iOS SDK) currently has a convenience method for video, but it should be possible to call the underlying REST API.


@andypiper Thanks for your answer. Happy to hear things have changed. However I can’t find examples and I’m really surprised that Fabric does not include such information when Twitter’s strategy is more and more focusing on video… Thanks anyway
Do you know if you have relevant resource about uploading video with twitterKit on iOS ? Maybe there is one and I haven’t fount it…


Thanks for the feedback. Fabric is evolving rapidly, and has recently incorporated video viewing into the Twitter Kit experience. You may find this example code useful until this is a native convenience function provided by Twitter Kit for uploads.


@andypiper thanks for your help. I do understand Fabric is evolving rapidly but I insist because I know I’m not the only one facing same issue.

Thanks for sharing example code, I’ve been trying to implement this swift solution but it does not work. For example : client = Twitter.sharedInstance().APIClient is no longer available.

You can see in my post the code I implemented, I can’t figure out what’s wrong because because all requests are handled properly andI get no error.


Since your question is specific to iOS and Fabric let’s continue the conversation on the Twitter Kit category and leave this thread as it was originally, related to the underlying REST API.