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Our struggling economy has hurt all of us. We are strong enough to speak up, demand the government be held accountable and in some cases get bailed out!! Our animals are a different story, they are helpless, vulnerable and easily forgotten. They look to us for protection. With that said, I’ve been researching possibility’s for our government to bail out our animals.I’ve been looking into the governments assistance programs.I found that 45.8 million families are on food stamp Food stamps covers all food products and soda products. The government does not considered our dogs or cats as part of humanity and rejects all animal food.This is very disturbing to me!!. Please help me force this issue and make our animals a priority.My first goal is to add animal food as part of government assistance I need your help with this… any suggestions or contacts that can help.
The number of homeless animals varies per region and has substantially increased in worldwide… as many as 300000 homeless animals are euthanize a year…
Michelle Kosik 561-676-8407