How to pass ownership of a business twitter account from one person to another so when managers change location they can look after a new account or share information of anothe one


I am currently working in a retail store that has a twitter account which I am relocating from and would like to hand over to the new manager. I am also joining a new retail store [same company] of which I need to look after their current Twitter account . I have their Password but would like it set up to my e-mail.
The account I would like to hand over to a new manager is @GAPArnotts and the account I would like to look after is @thegapbath .
Many Thanks
Aisling Flynn


We can’t help much with account issues here. You can probably handle this transition on your own pretty well by first changing the password to the account to something temporary and shareable between parties. Then change the email address associated with the account. Then have the new owner of the account sign in to the account and change it to their own confidential password.