How to obtain special permission for more than 100,000 user tokens?



We are developing a product using Twitter Kit and will be launching soon. We read the developer policy and agreement carefully and are concerned about this :

“You must obtain our permission to have more than 100,000 user tokens, and you may be subject to additional terms.”

How does one get access to this ?

Also, how does Twitter determine “replicating core user experience” and “innovation”? Any good examples of both ?


Hi @spsrinivas30 thanks for this question. We don’t generally find that there are many applications that approach this limit - not to say that we don’t hope that your app is successful and may in future reach that! :slight_smile:

If you’d like to explore that opportunity do raise a ticket via

Generally the “core experience” statement refers to reproducing the Twitter client app experience. We have not encouraged that over the past few years, as our product teams work increasingly fast to build new features that we are not always able to open up to a wider audience via the API. “Innovation” tends to be more around using Twitter data in off-platform or new ways, such as for customer service, analysis, or interesting models that enable visualization or internet of things type use cases. In both cases, these are not intended to be exclusionary categories.