How to monitor product specific sponsored tweets


hi, maybe a silly question but is it possible to monitor product specific sponsored tweets.

ex. @Nike tweets "check out the new running shoe, Livestrong X90…


How do you determine a product specific Tweet? Through the presence of a hashtag or keyword?


yes, both hashtags and / or particular brands (ex. Nike…Adidas, etc)


I am seeking verified my account because I have been question as to the validity of my company brand with people. I am unable to increase our followers due to the fact Twitter users do not believe it is our real company brand.

Therefore I cannot tweet to my fans & followers without them questioning
me about who we really are. So if you could please verify my account this would be very appreciative, then I could start reaching out to my much adored fans.

You will find our entities brand logos on our company page to match our twitter account logo.

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