How to migrate to API v1.1?


Hello everybody

Here is still no explanation how to migrate from 1.0 to 1.1.

Lot of explanations how to migrate from some persons here ,but this is not enough,that must be step by step explanation how to do that.

Please can somebody post step by step how to migrate to API v1.1? We see here only the mess with some links,go here,go there that is no strictly pointed how to migrate to API v1.1.

If somebody know please let make this correctly and give to us a guide how to do this step by step,example:

  1. Go to

  2. Then open …


                                    When this will be finished our problem about API v1.1? will be solved and our Tweets will become live again.                                         



I agree with exotico , What the heck do we have to do!!!??


If you program in PHP, you can use this ebook to work with the 1.1 version of the API. It is a step by step tutorial.

If you need more help after reading this, email me at


We are not interested in your spam


Yes,we not need spam here,we need explanation how to activate Api.


Nothing is working !! I 've tried many Librearies but none is working since June 11


I agree! We need a simple, clear guide how we can customise the ugly API 1.1. Not spam.


How to migrate to API v1.1?


How to migrate to API v1.1?


how to migrate to API v1.1 tell me steps?


how to migrate to twitter API v1.1 tell me steps?


Follow these steps: