How to mass delete/block followings? Got attacked by spammers


I just want to know how to delete/block/report a bunch of people I follow all at once! My account appears to have been compromised, and now I’m following a bunch of garbage to the point I can’t follow new people without deleting more. Its too many to effectively delete one at a time though. This is ruining my account! My feeds are just full of spam since I follow those accounts!
I’ve already reset my password and checked my apps to revoke access to anything I’m not using. I didn’t see anything weird, so they must have brute forced my pw or gotten it from a number of sites that seem to be getting hacked lately.
I tried Twitter help center and there is no way to contact them to ask if they can just wipe anyone I followed after a certain time. There is no way to even submit a help ticket that I can find- just canned response after canned response without anywhere to go for more.