How to map tweets on specific topic


Hi there, I am trying to set up an app able to plot twitter concerning defined topic into a map. As far as I read I should rely on REST API. What about Streaming API? I am newbie, any support is welcome.


I think you need to define your problem a bit more and dive into the documentation.

This forum is for suggestions and specific issues not project planning.

God bless.


Thank you, Bobber205.

I would like a suggestion on how to set my newly created twitter app through the Lasting API.
Thank you!


Still not quite following you @CiccioReggio. More context would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Lebraat. probably I was not enoygh clear.

I would like to track all the tweets coming from a defined geographical region speaking about a defined topic (e.g. cheese). The representation on map would be the second part of the problem.

Thank you for any help you would like to provide.