How to manage restrictions concerning CJK languages with the 280 character limit?



I read the post about the availability of the new 280 character limit. Updating the character limit (and the twitter-text library)

The post says that CJK (Chine, Japanese, Korean) tweets are still limited to 140 characters.

There is no documentation to know how to handle this restriction.

Do I need to detect the language used in the tweet (which is quite tricky since a tweet can contain multiple languages :upside_down_face:)?
Or do I need to fetch some kind of info from the REST api to know if the user is in a CJK region?

PS: In my case, I use the REST API from an iOS app.


There is documentation on this here.

These languages have a different Unicode character range weighting. You’ll need to do that calculation based on the documentation (we will also update twitter-text in the coming weeks, but need to complete some internal work before doing so).