How to make twitter widget reload after "Hmm, an empty timeline" shows up?



Hello everyone, I’m currently working with the Twitter for Websites API to get feeds from some timelines. The issue I am facing is the fact that, in the timelines i have to embbed, one is empty so the API gets me this message “Hmm, an empty timeline” (etc). I could eventually add a tweet manually but the fact is the search term for the timeline will often be empty (because we don’t know if tweets will always be posted to this hashtag in a seven days interval.

My question is this one : how could I make my twitter api reload if the embedded timeline is empty ?

I tried both the scripting method and the embedded timeline given when creating a widget to display tweets but none of them was successful to refresh after displaying this message (I’m sending tweets to this search query and waiting 5 minutes to test if it works)

Sorry for my bad english, I tried to be the most precise I could. And if you have any questions I’ll answer them

Thanks !

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