How to make twitter send a download link archive to my new email address?


Because I forget password of my old email…please help… I’m already change the email address to a new one, I’ve click resend twitter archive link several times , but it didnt work… I haven’t received any of my twitter archive link download in my new email :frowning: pleasee :frowning:


I’m having the SAME problem.


Same problem here. Is it no way for us about getting any solution?




Same here.


Same here!
Twitter pls do something!


Twitter please fix this, i really need my archive man


I’ve contacted Twitter multiple times about this same issue. I clicked “send archive” before I had updated my email. I can no longer access the old email it was sent to. HELP


Same problem for me! I sent a email through twitter archive to a email I can’t access now I’ve changed it, it keeps resending to my old email?