How to make my twitter app white listed




Please tell me how can i white list my twitter app for third party integration.


Third-party integration of what? what specifically are you requesting access to?


I would like to integrate my solution with smooch integration i.e

After this integration i will be able to start chat conversation from end
to end.


Thanks and regards
Ameyo Demo


Ok. That is not a Twitter operated site so I don’t understand what you want to be “whitelisted”. I’d recommend talking to them first.


You are requested to provide me the steps for white listing the twitter app.

Can you please ?

Thanks and regards
Ameyo Demo


No, I cannot. I do not understand what you are asking. Whitelisting for what API access?


I want the access for this API access “Standard (beta) Account Activity
API” .

Thanks and regards
Ameyo Demo


Please respond.

Thanks in Advance

Thanks and regards
Ameyo Demo


For access to the Account Activity API please follow the instructions on this page.