How to make my account as admin in fabric?




I need to enable conversion tracking for twitter ads to track sigh-ups from the created ad. For this we try to setup Conversion tracking with Fabric Answers. To enable Fabric Answers i have follow the below steps.

  1. Clicked the button “Go to Answers powered by Fabric” from the Conversion tracking page.
  2. It will redirect to the sign-up page.
  3. Created an account in
  4. It shows the message “Sorry, you must be an admin to enable this feature.”

Let me know how to make my account as admin and how to access the dashboard?

Thanks in advance,


Hey @akhileshpv ,

Only current admins can promote other members in the organization to be an admin. The person who first created the organization is by default an admin, so I’d recommend reaching out to the first person on your team who added Fabric.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for your replay.

Actually I am the current admin of the twitter app and I am trying to login to fabric using the same email account. But it will redirect me to the fabric onboard. Do we need to download any tool kit shows in the fabric onboard to make me as admin? I need only the Answers functionality in fabric…

Thanks in advance,


Hey @akhileshpv,

Sorry for the delay in responding! If you add your app through or the IDE plugin, then head to the web dashboard, you can enable the Crashlytics Kit. Then you can enable Answers and Conversion Tracking.


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