How to make an Twitter Archive Bot?



Hello all, I am quite new to the Twitter community. I have been wondering for some time if this is possible:

For example, if someone tweeted something like “lol this is amazing!!!” and some replied with my bots @ saying +archive, could that tweet be sent to a Google Spreadsheet, even if the person deletes the tweet?

Could come in handy for famous people if they delete their tweets.

Thanks in advance,


I’d skip the reply tweet part completely (those kinds of replies can get really annoying) and just archive tweets you want with something like TAGS (using some other way to add tweets to an archive - a form maybe?)

There are some TOS issues with archiving deleted tweets - in that you must honour deletion requests.

The only case where it’s allowed that I know of is Politwoops - where there’s a good public interest argument for keeping deleted tweets of politicians.


I wanted the +archive command because I don’t want every tweet being archived. People would just reply, and it would send it to a spreadsheet. Is that not possible?


You’re welcome to build that - I think @IgorBrigadir was just suggesting a simple alternative way to do so. There are a number of different API client libraries in various languages so you can choose one which would suit your needs.

The important thing to note is that the Developer Agreement and Policy prohibits you from retaining or displaying deleted Tweets and states that you must process deletion notices (e.g. from the streaming API) in a timely manner. Generally I’d only advise storing Tweet IDs, as this means that a future API call to retrieve a Tweet will fail if it has been deleted.


Greetings Sir. I’m quite new and not used to twitter. So far there are two tweets by me and one of them deleted unknowingly. Grateful if I can retrieve / see that deleted tweet.


Posting this in random threads is unlikely to get that done. I’d recommend contact Twitter Support. Tweeting @Support may help get you moving in the right direction.


Dear DanielCHood, thank you for the guidance,i got it. I do contact them. Thank you sir.