How to make a twitterbot?


Hey all,
Just a quick question - I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
I’ve seen different “bots” on twitter that when someone tweets a certain hashtag, they are able to pick it up and retweet it. (traffic bots)
There are also trivia bots, etc… I also saw one that corrected people that said “sneak peak” instead of “sneak peek” - very useful indeed.

I’m just wondering what kind of resources are out there, any instructions/tutorials would be awesome.
I browsed through this dev site but it seems to be focused on app development, maybe I just missed it though…

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot


So this is… 35 weeks late, but I wrote up a guide on how I built @metaphorminute here:

And source code here:

I have another bot here as well (@latourswag):

You do need to be careful when writing a bot that you don’t go against any of Twitter’s spam policies. They’re listed in the Developer Rules of the Road:

But basically, you don’t really want your bot to @reply anyone, or even to use a hashtag, as that could be construed as polluting a hashtag.


You can create your own Twitterbot here,


i want built a bot


Hi Folks, sorry to hijack this thread- I couldnt see how to start a new one.
I want to build an app (or get one built) that collects tweets from specific words and or hashtags into one stream. This stream is then posted as a stream. I dont know if this should be a “Bot” or an application. It would be easier if people do not have to log into have the post collected. Basically its for use a an event to collect relevant tweets. Any ideas, suggestions? I can drive a website etc but not up to detailed PHP. Im stalled at setting up a APP in the Dev area.


We can setup and host the Twitterbot for you. Send us a mention or DM,



I thought Twitter bots were not Twitter legal, especially when used for voting purposes for an event.
A lot of accounts get closed out/restricted when they are caught.


This depends on your app and API usage - all applications need to abide by the Developer Rules of the Road and our policies.


@andypiper At the moment I’m thinking abbout making twitterbot. What kind of restriction and policies should I look into?



Thanks! I still have some question. How I can contact someone to talk details and be sure to not validate Twitter rules?


You can use the Support forms and the Rules and Policies forum.


You can find a bunch of useful resources on

We also have a public Slack group you can join at and a newsletter you can subscribe to at


If one replies to a twitterbot, will the notification be received by the person who created the bot?


It would appear in the notifications for the account belonging to the bot.


Hi @andypiper I created a twitter bot on BOT Libre but seems like it’s not working, I want a bot to retweet keywords based on twitter search syntax or hashtag. Couldn’t find any helpful that doesn’t require to purchase. Can you help ?


I can’t really help as I don’t know anything about “bot libre” - there are plenty of examples around of free code you can use.


A guy called daniel shiffman has a great tutorial on youtube on how to make a twitter bot using Node if anyone is interested.


You can also write your own Twitter bots using Google Scripts. See this Twitter Bot Tutorial.


After all this years, I guess you did your work done :slight_smile:. But speaking of twitter bot, one can use python with tweepy. This is quite easy.