How to make a bot that re-writes the tweets from one account NODE.JS!



Hey! I’m making a twitter bot to help my school, see, we have a twitter account wich posts the status of the college but it blocks everyone all the time so i’m setting up a bot that could get the tweets from that account and then post them without retweeting them or anything like that. I have a bot made who just searches for a word and then answer the post but i can’t figure out the way to do that.

 //gets tw module
var Twitter = require('twitter');
//gets the json
var keys = require('./keysBot.json');

//sets up bot
var client = new Twitter(keys);

//word to search
var word = 'cnbotayuda';
var id_str, screen_name;
var'statuses/filter', {track: word}, function(stream) {
  console.log('Bot searching for the word ' + word + '.');
  stream.on('data', function(tweet) {

    var array = tweet.text.split('cnbotayuda')
 { //search the word

        console.log(tweet.text); //shows the tweet with the word
        id_str = tweet.id_str;
        screen_name = tweet.user.screen_name;

        //answer'statuses/update', {in_reply_to_status_id: id_str,
        status: '@' + screen_name + ' LOL'},
        function(error, tweet, response){
            if(error) throw error;
            console.log(tweet);  // cuerpo del tweet

  stream.on('error', function(error) {
    throw error;