How to make a bot reply to people?



I have a randomized twitterbot in the same style as horse_ebooks using my own account, and I want it to be able to reply to people in the same randomized fashion. But I don’t want the thread to just go on forever; I’d like a way to prevent it from replying to the same thread more than 4 times, but always replying in the same randomly generated way. The only things I’ve seen are about creating a script and searching keywords but that’s not at all what I want. I’d just like the bot to reply to people who @ it. I’m using python and ruby to run this bot and its hosted on heroku. Any ideas for how to do this?


You could certainly do this using the Twitter ebooks ruby gem. You’d have to add some logic to figure out how many times you’ve replied to a specific user though, and stop after a few times.


Thank you so much! I can definitely use this to get my bot working how I want it to!