How to load separate tweets in separate UIViews by username input



What I am trying to do: Load tweets from a particular user in separate UIViews (refer to picture) without a user signing in. I know Fabric can load a timeline in a TableView but this doesn’t help me with what I want to do.

I already have it set up so that it can show tweets in different TWTRTweetViews (UIViews), but it needs the Tweet ID. I was wondering how I can configure it to where the user can search for someone and then have the TWTRTweetViews populated with the tweets from that user’s timeline.

I want to be able to have separate TWTRTweetViews for each tweet that it gets from the user’s timeline. Any idea on where to start with Fabric? I tried making my own custom calls but then it gets messed up with OAuth which is unnecessary for my application since I am not asking a user to log in at all.