How to list all retweet user of a tweet



I have post a tweet which has 63 retweets, but I can only get 34 users using GET statuses/retweets/:id. What should I do to get all 63 users?



What’s the tweet?


Sorry, I’m new user and I can’t post the link here, but the tweet is

user: benefitspain
stayusid: 521593287422251008



OK thanks, looking into it.


Using twurl to hit the API endpoint I get 60 RTs; I can easily believe that the remainder are from protected accounts, which the API wouldn’t return. Can you reproduce this?

[tw-mbp-isaac ~]$ twurl "/1.1/statuses/retweets/521593287422251008.json?trim_user=true&count=100" | python -mjson.tool | grep -c "retweeted_status"


please any body give me this application all ready scripts for retweets

i mean i send a tweet and some people retweet my every tweet,
(people authorize on my app and get retweets my every tweet)

thanks in advance