How to know who favorite or rt a tweet?



I have a tweet.
I want to know which users make it a favorite tweet or RT it.
Thank you


Using api rest see retweeted_status and favorite_count here


You’ll have to use the search API to find who might have retweeted a status. There’s no easy way to find out which users favourited a Tweet, but you can take a look at userstreams for the events.


doesn’t statuses/retweets/:id let you get who retweeted a status, but yes there’s no similar like endpoint.


Only the most recent 100. In order to get all of them you have to do a bit more work.


Right - I was summarising!


Indeed but there is cursoring isn’t there?


No. The documentation is wrong about that.


Seems to be very little point in having a count or cursor pagination on that endpoint then?

I can’t think of a good reason why that’s limited to 100 though? @andypiper


Unfortunately I’m not sure of the history of that endpoint. I’d already made a note to myself that we need to fix the docs on this subject per @jcbl recent post about it. Unable to comment on whether this is a bug or by design without diving a lot deeper into the backend.