How to know if tweet fail/cancelled with web intents?


First of all, i’m sorry for my english. Well im trying fire an event when twitter window close without tweet.
Im using web intents and I have an event to fire when tweet occurs (works like a charm), but i have no idea how to know if twitter window was closed without tweet. This is my code:

<a href="javascript:;" id="tw-video" class="sprite spritetwitter">TWITTER</a>

txt = encodeURI(" txt");
document.getElementById('tw-video').href = txt;'tweet', function (event) {

i need something like:'error/no-tweet', function (event) {

Can anyone help me? Thanks for read.



I’m afraid this isn’t a feature we have available at present. It’s definitely a feature request I’d like to explore in the future, and it’s a good idea, but it’s not planned at present.



Hi benward it’s sad that there is not this feature, I ended up giving up on what I was doing because of it. Thanks for your help anyway.