How to integrate mopub-sdk into Android Studio



As some guy from the support confirmed, currently the MoPub SDK is not suited to work with Eclipse, only with Android Studio. But the Android Studio is really frustrating and dumb, and I can’t get around with it, so I’d like some help:

  1. How can I import into an Android Studio project, the .zip downloaded from here - (the full sdk version), where do I have to put the extracted folder, and how to reference it in the project files, and which file exactly?

  2. How to compile that library into a single .jar file, because I need to have MoPub library as a .jar file, not as a library project folder


Thanks for the huge attention and the help provided, I have imported the project in Android Studio, and I am receiving this error:

Error:(7, 0) Plugin with id '' not found.

Can someone help me with this?


Hey Sartheris,

This seems to be an issue with your project not being able to find the plugin ‘’ file. You should be able to resolve the issue by instruct Gradle to download the Android plugin from the Maven Central repository as explained in the stackoverflow link below.