How to integrate mopub ad sdk with Admob Native Ads



Any update on ths ?


Hello, I can see that Custom Native Classes for Goolge Native ads has been added to mopub repository. The link is given below. Also I can see it is updated 3 days ago. Does this mean AdMob native ads is supported through mopub mediation?

Custom Native Classes


Hey @raaja090, that is correct. Support for MoPub <–> Google mediation on native ads is now live! You can download the corresponding native adapters to get up and running.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Yes I am facing issues with Google Native ads. I will explain what i have done. I have added the GooglePlayServicesAdrenderer and GooglePlayServicesNative classes into com.mopub.nativeads. Inside mopub dashboard, I have followed the same procedure of setting up Custom Native Ad Network,which was explained earlier for Facebook Audience Network .
I went to Networks–> Add A Network --> Custom Native Network. Gave a name. set the Custom native class as com.mopub.nativeads.GooglePlayServicesNative. For “Custom Event class data” i have entered Json like this
{“appid”:“My App Id”,“adunit”:“My Ad Unit Id”} . From the custom Event class i verified that these two are needed from mopub server. So included them.
But all I get is “CustomEventNative was configured incorrectly” message.
FYI i have created this ad unit id from admob dashboard. Where I create a new Native Ad. I choose a large banner ad template and got this ID. I think this is used for Native express Ads. But I can see mopub uses Native Advanced ads. Should I create the native advanced ad id? If so How can I do it? Also I created this AdUnit before 6 - 7 hrs. I think i am past beyond the time for cold starting the ad unit. Kindly help me out.


Hey @raaja090, you will have to create an AdMob Native Advanced ad unit ID (not Native Express). AdMob Native Advanced is a whitelisted program, so you will need to speak with someone on the AdMob / Mobile Ads SDK team for further guidance on getting started.



Thanks for your reply. It helps.


Hi all,

Thank you for your patience. I’m happy to announce you can now mediate Google AdMob Native ads through MoPub. Please refer to the following documentation:

Mediating MoPub through Google
Mediate Google AdMob Native Demand

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at

Thank you.


Hello, I don’t have an account to create admob Native ad advanced ads. From the above replies i came to know that without admob advanced ad unit i cannot use it to mediate google native ads through mopub. I emailed google about creating native ad advanced ad unit. I got a reply that without Account Manager I cannot create one. Can you help me with this…

I got this reply from admob:

Unfortunately, Native Ads Advanced is currently in a limited beta release and is only available to select partners.

Select partners should have an account manager in which they can contact. If you have no such contact, you’ll need to wait until Native Ads Advanced becomes open.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

By select partners they mean mopub and other mediation partners?


Hey @raaja090, we would love to assist but Native Advanced enrollment is outside the scope of the MoPub Support Team. As the message said, publishers need Google account managers who would sign them up for the Native Advanced beta. My recommendation would be to sync with Google on this as necessary.

Let us know if you need help with anything else!


in the documentation it shows this known issue:

Android - the AdChoices icon not visible when using CardView as the view passed to MoPub.

In my App, the AdChoices icon from Google is displayed about 50% of the times and sometime it shows up or disappear while scrolling the listview,
Is my case the same issue as above? or is it something different?


Hey @tacchan23,

It could be a different issue, depending on whether you are using CardViews in your ListView. The known issue is due to publishers setting elevation/shadow in their CardViews, so the AdChoices icon gets overlayed. Are you doing the same in your app? If so, have you tried disabling the elevation?

Feel free to send us a sample app with that issue so we can further investigate it!



Hello @chauduyphanvu
my layout doesn’t include any CardView.

Where/how can I send you a sample app to check the issue?



Hey @tacchan23, it might not be the same issue since you are not using CardView. Could you zip up your project and share the link with me here?


Sorry again, how to share privately? if I click on “share a link to this post”, it will be visible only to you?


After waiting for almost a year for Admob native ad support to be release from beta, just learned that native ads advanced (required by mopub to run native ads) are in closed beta. Contacted Google, they said I simply had to wait for an indefinite amount of time. Can´t find words to express my disappointment.

I want to continue using Mopub, but it´s important for me to display Admob native ads. If I mediate through Admob, will I be able to display Mopub native ads through their mediation?


Hi @traffric,

Native Advanced is a prerequisite from Google’s native ad program for native ad mediation. It was not a decision or requirement made by MoPub, since Google’s other native ad format - Native Express, is not eligible for mediation. Native Advanced is required if you were to mediate AdMob from other ad SDKs, as well.

You will also need Native Advanced to mediate MoPub from AdMob. If you want to get MoPub native ads, you might consider importing the MoPub SDK as a whole and execute MoPub’s own ad logic (as opposed to via mediation).



In fact we are integrating the native advanced Admob with Mopub Mediation on our IOS and Android Apps by using the Mopub adapter. So we have made the same configuration as mentionned on your documentation

We have created a custom native network, which works perfectly on our android app but on IOS ads are displayed but there is no way to click on the admob Native ads .

And we have the message in the app “Mopub already tracked the click”.

So the problem seems to come from the Admob Native Mopub adapter. Have you ever heard about this error before.

Thanks for your help


@fmlintheuk By click not tracking, did you mean the "" is not pinged? We only track the very first click, so when you receive the “Click already tracked” message, that indicates that isn’t the first click.

Feel free to share a mini sample project and we should be able to investigate this further. Thank you!

Vu Chau
MoPub Support