How to integrate mopub ad sdk with Admob Native Ads



I found Admob allow developers to create native ads. Is there any way I can integrate it via MoPub SDK? Like the way we integrate Facebook Audience Network?

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Bump. I’m interested in this as well.


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Hi all,

Thank you for the feedback! We’re hoping to bring support for the AdMob native ad format in the future. We have a very early build that a select few publishers are testing. Once the adapter is ready for public release, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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Any news on this?


Hi @betodave thanks for following up. The Adapter is still in beta testing currently. Interested publisher parties should contact AdMob directly for access. I’d like to emphasize that the product is still in beta and may go through different iterations before final release.

Once it’s ready for public release, we’ll let everyone know. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the prompt reply, Anish. Much appreciated.
I’m probably chancing my luck here but is there any chance you could take a look at another support request that I posted on here a while ago? - Support Auto Layout for native ad views



@Anish. Any updates here? Really missing this integration.


@kristoffermat As of right now, the adapter is not quite ready for public release unfortunately. Have you contacted AdMob to join as a potential beta partner? You have a chance to get access and provide early feedback!


Thanks for the info @Anish. I will get in contact med AdMob regarding the beta partner program.


If we join the Admob Native Ad Advanced program as a beta partner, are we able to help test the MoPub mediation adapter for pulling AdMob Native Ads Advanced content into MoPub’s native ad mediation waterfall?


Update: The MoPub / AdMob adapters are being tested internally. We will update our Supported Networks page when public release takes place.


Anish, thanks for the info you’ve shared in this thread! Noticed that the admob native ads adapter has been in closed beta testing for around 4 months now. I was just wondering what’s Mopub’s average beta testing period for something like this. That piece of info may help many of us make decisions regarding the integration of Admob native ads. Thanks again.


@Anish forgot to mention you in my last post. :slight_smile:


Hi @traffric Beta periods vary by product, so unfortunately there’s no easy way to answer what the average testing periods are. I know this has been a big ask from developers. Rest assured we are working towards having this available to the public as early as we can.


Bump, would be nice to have some news after all these months.


Hi all,

AdMob adapters for MoPub mediation are currently in beta, and Google is supporting them currently. Pub can directly reach out to Google to access the adapters.

We are working on deploying the adapters soon, and will update the GitHub repo accordingly.


Thank you, can’t wait to see this release.


Hello sir, I have integrated MoPub and AdMob. It is only showing admob_native native. Is it my fault or else?


Hi @eli_pravin, if you mediate MoPub --> AdMob, it makes sense that you are getting AdMob native ads. What is your implementation like, and what is the exact problem you are seeing?