How to increase rate limit for posting tweets on twitter using API


Is there any service available for sending more tweets( than rate limit of around 1000 tweets per day including undisclosed hourly limit ) on twitter using API like paid account or verified accound because after sending 120 tweets only it say “User is over daily status update limit.” i can’t affort this. please any idea


What is the use case where you need to post tweets more frequently?


@episod :actually we have thousand’s of messages related to our product saved in our database- we want to post all these message as a tweet to our twitter account. if we have 50000 messages so it take about 50 days to post all tweets- which we can’t affort. so is any there other solution.please reply asap.


@episod Hi - we have a use case for this issue. We have an app that tweets the finish time of participants in a sport event. There can be up to 1000 participants all finishing within an hour of each other. Our app posts each finisher’s time to our twitter account however it is rate limited after around 100 tweets. Any way round this?