How to include an image using Tweet Button from my website,


I’ve looked and looked but have not come to an easy conclusion or if I found one, not aimed towards new programmers.

When you click the tweet button I want to include the page title and page url but also include an image I have on a myPHP database.

My PHP knowledge is not at a high level at all. It’s been fun researching. Right now Im fiddling around with update_with_media but am lost.

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Andrew, did you get a reply for this? I’m also trying to do this but have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks


At the present time, the Tweet Button and Web Intents don’t support image uploads I’m afraid. They will in the future. In the meantime though, if you set up your website to serve photo Cards, then an image can be displayed with the Tweet.


Ben, did anything become of this? You mentioned this feature might be available in the future. The reason someone would want this is to include a thumbnail image that is auto-displayed in some clients along with the actual content URL, this makes the Tweet look more interesting to users.

The difference between this feature and cards is that cards are generally not auto-expanded, they require a click to expand, and some Twitter clients don’t seem to support cards at all, but they will auto-display an image attached to a Tweet.


Specifically, what I want is for the Tweet button to be able to create Tweets of this form:

In TweetDeck, Tweetbot, etc, the embedded picture auto-displays, significantly increasing the eye-catching power of that Tweet. For extra points, it would be doubly awesome if Twitter recognized the image as a thumbnail and clicking on it caused a click-through to the content URL instead of showing an expanded version of the thumbnail, perhaps also suppressing the URL display of the thumbnail in the Tweet text.

Alternately, you could make the Summary Card thumbnail auto-display, since it almost does what it should but it currently requires that extra click to Show Summary which makes it less valuable.


Hi Brent,

There’s no news on having pic.twitter support in Web Intents just yet I’m afraid.

As regards auto-expansion, media preview and so forth across Twitter’s clients, we tend to treat all photo card providers the same as pic.twitter as a source: e.g. the “show photos” setting in embedded timelines, the new photos treatment in embedded Tweets, and the media previews in TweetDeck.

Other clients have their own ways of handling third party media so provider support for previews may vary a bit in TweetBot (last I looked they didn’t do anything for Flickr images, for example, but that may’ve changed. Conversely I think they do support Instagram images, even though Instagram doesn’t support Cards.)



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This is a shame - I’m building an app to let TV Viewers contribute photos to TV news stations. Would be great if we could effectively land a user on a screen looking like this:


Did you find anything?


Is Twitter even following this thread? We would love to add our product photo to the Tweet when someone clicks the “Tweet” button on our product page. We have the product card, but it doesn’t display until you click the “details” link in the corner. Most people will just miss that and read on.
Having the ability to do this is a great idea/addition for Twitter. This would be best for marketers and businesses trying to get their products out there for people to see.


Currently, cards are not displayed by default unless you click on the Details link, as you’ve found - that’s the expected behaviour.


Are there any plans to display card contents in the user’s stream?

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