How to identify a retweet


Hi all,
I downloaded some tweets using Streaming API.
Now, I want to identify which are tweets, retweets or reply, analyzing the tweets using JSON.
I know that the first way is to verify if the tweet begin with ‘RT’ but I red here that exists to retweet a message without done upon

My question is: how can identify these kind of retweets?

Thanks in advance


“Native retweets” are tweet objects that contain a child “retweeted_status” node that contains the original tweet being retweeted. Identify them by the presence or absence of that node.

Replies are tweets with the in_reply_to_status_id field populated with another tweet’s ID.

In the case of both mentions and replies, you can look in the entities/user_mentions node of the Tweet – when that array is populated, the tweet mentions another user.

See [alias:/docs/platform-objects, title=“the field guide”] for more info.


Thank you for your reply.
I have an other question: Can I have a retweet without RT in the filed ‘text’?

For example: if a user X post a tweet and an other user Y retweet that by a Twitter client like TweetDeck, the field 'retweeted_status" is contained in JSON?