How to I know about How many users are registerd using my invitation links via api?



I want to know that How many users are registerd using my invitation links via api?


Could you elaborate a little bit more? I don’t fully understand what are you trying to do here.


I want an api that is use to display list of users which are following group/member using an invitation link.
you hear about some applications which are give some money to you if you send an invitation link to your friend and your friend accept it and install it.
so same scenario in twitter that I want those friends list using api which are followed using an invitation link.


I don’t think the Twitter API could provide you that info (I’m not sure, though). I think you’ll probably be better off writing that logic within your web application, not via the Twitter API.

Consider this use case for example:

  1. You log in your application using the Twitter API (let’s also assume there’re more options like Facebook and LinkedIn logins). You simultaneously store your data in the app database, also considering the social network you used for log in, in this case, Twitter.

  2. You create a unique invitation link. You store that invitation link in your database and you relate it to your user. Maybe a column-oriented NoSQL database is perfect for this. Cassandra maybe?

  3. You post the invitation link on Twitter so other people can join your application.

  4. Many other people log into your App using your invitation link. Some of them join with Facebook, others with Linkedin and others with Twitter. No matter what social network they use, you store their data in your database. Then, you will have enough information to make relations of newly registered people that have used your invitation link. You can count how many of them have logged in with Twitter. You can serve their names and info. You can do basically what you want, all in your application’s inner logic. No need for a Twitter API endpoint that computes this for you.

Hope this is what you wanted, I did my best trying to understand your needs.
Best of luck !

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