How to hide replies from showing in own profile


How do I hide replies from showing in my own profile after I tweet the reply?
It is the splitted replies.
Reply1: (It didn’t show up as it is replying to other people).
Reply2: (It shows in my profile page).
Reply3: (It shows in my profile page).

Reply2 and Reply3 are being shown here in my profile page ‘Tweets’ tab. How can I get rid of it?

Right now, only Reply1 has the @mention to the targetted audience.
If my apps append the @mention at Reply2 and Reply3, my apps will get ban due to the use of unsolicited mention.
Can you help?



This doesn’t seem to be an issue with an API. This is a forum dedicated to answering developer questions.


Hello LeBraat, or maybe what is the best practice to use the API for splitted replies to avoid the trigger of unsolicited mention?
I am trying to workaround the unsolicited mention issue, hence come to this issue.
Reply2 and Reply3 do not have the @mention in front of the [status] field while calling “POST statuses/update”.


Please review our automation rules. We clearly state that you should not Spam or bother users. Finding a workaround to the unsolicited mention issues sounds like you are finding a different way to spam or bother users.


Hello LeBraat,

I think this is a misunderstanding?

The apps is for the call centre to reply to customers’ enquiry.
We are not trying to spam / bother users by finding a workaround to the unsolicited mention.
In the event of 1 tweet (280 characters) is not enough for the user interaction, and the reply (not automated) sometimes span across 2 to 3 tweets maximum.

Also, we will only reply to customers’ enquiry when they tweet to the main page (to maintain good public reputation), rather than initiate the conversation.

Is there any way to accommodate this?


As long as you are responding to the user from the same @handle that they reach out to you at, you should be fine with this use case. If you respond with a different @handle, then you will likely be identified as being a spammy actor.


Thanks for your reply LeBraat.
Yes, I am replying using the same @mention (username) that reach out to us.
I assume the “@handle” you mean here is the user who tweeted us?

Yet the spam detector still treat our apps as spammy actor.
That’s why, we have to remove the appended @mention on reply2 and reply3, which leads to the tweets showed up in our main page.

If our intention is not to spam but to respond to the customer, how do we appeal for that?

Thank you so much.


What I meant by my last response is that you must respond to the user who reached out to you using the same account that they reached out to.

For example/
User A reaches out to @arbyteh looking for help.

  • If @arbyteh responds to User A, you should not be identified as spammy.
  • If instead, one of your other owned accounts (maybe @arbytehsupport) responds to User A, then you will be considered to be spammy since User A never reached out to that other owned account.

Does that make sense, or am I reading the situation incorrectly?


Hello LeBraat,

Yes, the apps will only be replying using the same account @pos4you (via API POST statuses/update) which customers reaching us (via webhook subscribed to @pos4you account).
You can refer to

Right now, in the main page, there are a lot of tweets which looks like ‘reply2’ or ‘reply3’.
For example this tweet -> is the ‘reply2’
Where the thread is replying to a inquiry on this tweet ->

Due to this rule:
As stated in the Automation Rules:
'However, you may send automated replies or mentions to Twitter users so long as:
_ - you only send one automated reply or mention per user interaction’_
I had make changes to the apps to only append a single @mention in the first tweet if my tweets reply are too long.

If by appending @mention in all the tweets, then my apps will get ban.
I am confused.
I would like to know if there is any way that I can appeal to Twitter when they decided to ban me again?

Thank you very much!


That example makes sense now, @pos4you reply threads end up messy because people keep replying to your replies and including the original person requesting status updates in their replies, you’re splitting replies into separate tweets (but i guess it’s unavoidable if it’s too much info), and there’s tweets all over the place.

It also now makes sense what you mean by “hide replies from the timeline” - where former replies to people are appearing under “Tweets” rather than “Tweets & Replies” on your profile from broken threads.

I don’t think you can avoid or fix any of this because this depends on how people use your bot.

You can try to encourage correct requests - only replying to new requests if the new request is not a reply to something by a different person for example - so only start threads to tweets that are “original” meaning not a reply, and only engage with 1 user per thread, you’re likely to get banned again because it looks like you’re replying in threads with half a dozen people over and over.

To be honest though, it looks like you’re doing mostly parcel tracking updates - and DMs seem like a way better idea for this. and


Thanks Igor for your input.
I agree that DM is the better way for this updates.

However, I think my request is quite common and reasonable?
Either to hide the replies from the timeline, or to allow the apps to post multiple replies with @mention as we are not spamming the other users.
This is purely to maintain a good public reputation of @pos4you in Twitter by attending to all the query of customers.

Firstly, users of Twitter will not necessary use DM towards @pos4you as they want public attention.
Secondly, users of Twitter will just make queries in a single thread without opening a new thread.

Our Apps is just a CRM connector which helps to ‘reply’ to users query.

Is there really no way to appeal for special use case like this?

Thank you all!


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