How to have in search results also the items in which a user is tagged in a photo?


if I run twurl "/1.1/search/tweets.json?q=%40Regione_Sicilia" to search all the tweets mentioning @Regione_Sicilia account I do not have this tweet in which the user is tagged/mentioned in the photo.

Is there a way to have in the results also the items in which a user is tagged in the photo?

Thank you


This is an awkward one - I could find tweets in reply to that one, for example this one comes up because @Regione_Sicilia is in replies, but it seems to miss the tweet that has the user tagged.

I don’t know of a good way to get that to work apart from looking at in_reply_to_status_id and looking up the thread, or just including @Musumeci_Staff in the search query at the start, since that looks like a very relevant account anyway - and you can then filter out tweets that definitely don’t contain any mention of @Regione_Sicilia specifically.


Thank you. Than the twitter API search does not take into account of account mentioned in a photo. Is it correct?

If yes, what’s the best way to create a new feature request?


Seems like that’s the case! This is the form for Search features / quality as far as i know: but not sure if this applies? Maybe someone from twitter search will see.


This is definitely the case (that tagged users in images are not part of the search index). Today, there’s no API support for tagging users in images on post, and there’s no indexing of those handles for search either. This partly stems from the fact that the free standard search API is ~11 years old and has not always been updated for all of the new features across the rest of the platform. I’d have to look into whether premium or enterprise search index those handles but I’m not able to say for sure right now.

You’re welcome to request features via the help form or via the roadmap category. We’re not able to make commitments to future API features beyond what is currently published in the roadmap, however.


Thank you, I have done API Feature request: add tagged users in images in the search index

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