How to have a "show media" link in twitter when tweet is pushed posted from personal blog


Currently every time I post something new on my blog it would automatically be pushed to my twitter account. But the problem is that once my post has been tweeted, the “Show Media” and “Hide Media” doesn’t show.

I am using wordpress with a plugin that automatically pushes my blog post to twitter. I have check my settings with no luck. Could a different plug in help?


no one?


Sheesh. You asked about this 9 weeks ago and no-body answered? Looks like I came to the wrong place for help.

I see this “View media” links under some people’s tweets now and I like them - you can read the first few lines of text from the blog, a wordpress blog, and you get the title of the blog and a link to the blog post.

So it’s a great feature and I want to use it. But there doesn’t seem to be any information in the twitter help center telling you how to do it.


This is a newish developer-focused project called Twitter Cards. Read about it here: [node:8546] and here: [node:8514].


Is it possible to submit an promotion with entry form to my Tweet via “Show media” iFrame?

At Twitter Cards page I see description for “summery”, “photo” and “player” cards. But where can I find info about the “show media” card?


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