How to handle banner ad resizing when user invokes iPad split view (new multitasking feature in iOS9)



When I load a banner ad on iPad, I use an ad unit ID for banner ad on tablet, which has size of Leaderboard (728x90). When the user invokes the split view functionality (by swiping from the right-hand side of the screen), the screen width reduces to almost half what it was, so my ad is now too large to fit on the screen, and is therefore cut off on the right hand side.

Does anyone have any experience/insight/ideas for handling this?

I thought about hiding the ad when they are using split screen. Another option is to resize the ad to fit the width of the screen, but is this allowed under the Mopub terms & conditions (I thought we have to show ads in their original size?).



Hi @teevus,

Thanks for reaching out! We don’t recommend or support resizing of the ad unit or creatives, but hiding the ad is an option.