How to give Additional permissions request email addresses from our app users


In my website, I need additional permissions request email addresses from our app users. I checked additional permissions of email request check box. But not getting user emails. Only getting app created user email.How to solve this issue?


If you’ve implemented Sign in with Twitter correctly and you have a valid user token from the OAuth flow, you can call the accounts/verify_credentials endpoint with the include_email=true parameter to retrieve an email address.


Still i have the same issue. My app name is ‘Citymapia’ . If any user is login through our Citymapia App, and tried to verify_credentials it only returned Citymapia email only. not the logined users email.How can Whitelist our CityMapia app? Kindly give the need full information.


That sounds like you only have a user token for your own account, and not for the logged-in user?