How to get venue hierarchy from venue id?



Hi all, I am newbie in twitter development. Now I am working on a project, in which I have a lot of checkin logs such as:

17825805(user id) 26967771479(tweet id) 40.542465(lat) -105.072813(lng) 2010-10-10 20:15:20(post time)
Really wish all the empty slots in this place could get filled so it
could be a proper mall again (@ Foothills Fashion Mall) (text) 337f38b997ec4265(venue id)

Now I want to find the higher hierarchy category for this venue 337f38b997ec4265, by “higher hierarchy category”, I mean something like that in foursquare: “Food”>“Asian Restaurant”>“Hunan Restaurant”…I heard that twitter also has its own hierarchy but I don’t know how to get it from venue id. Any idea about this issue?