How to get user's retweets and mention of one month


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I could get users retweets and mention, but could not figure out how to get result for one month.


I am using php to find the number of retweets. a status has been given here.

this is my current code:

//get account info $connection->request('GET',$connection->url('1.1/statuses/retweets'), array('id'=> '363332903113351168'));

//get http response code for request $response_code = $connection->response['code'];

//convert the json response to an array $response_data = json_decode($connection->response['response'],true);

if($code != 200) { print"ERROR: $response_code\n"; } print_r($response_data);

To get mention and retweets. Can someone tell me how retweet n mention result can shown for one month